Online Therapy is NOT an Impersonal Experience

Online Therapy is NOT an Impersonal Experience

There are numerous benefits to online therapy, but unfortunately many people have only heard the myths about how “it can’t possibly work,” which simply is not true. I have helped many people over the years, both in the office and online, and both methods show great success. 

One of the biggest myths against seeking counseling online is that people believe it to be an impersonal and cold experience. When you reach out to Never Give Up, you are truly reaching out to me, not some robot or machine that is sending back remote answers. You still receive the personalized attention that you would get in an office, but from the comfort of your own home. 

Client Testimonial

Recently I have been receiving a lot of positive feedback from people that tell me it is easier for them to open up through our online therapy sessions. They also love the fact that they can reach me more than just 60 minutes once a week if necessary. 

The following quote is a portion of a message that is super meaningful to me from one of my Better Help clients . They personally experienced what online therapy can do and felt the need to share their feelings. 

“You helped me out a ton and I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard this but I wanted to mention it to you. Even though this is counseling and I’m just another one of your “cases”. I might just be another person needing help to you but from what I seen….. You’re a great woman Samantha, honestly I felt like no one cared about me but it’s funny how I don’t actually know you but you felt like someone I’ve known for years. I think you’re great at what you do and I don’t think you understand how much you and what you did meant to me. My trial (period) ends this 25th which I’m actually kind of sad about. I wish I could afford it but sadly I can’t. I wish the trial could extend but I’m just letting you know how much you did for me. I’m planning on ending the trial the 24th so I don’t get charged. I really want to stay here and have you here with me but I’ll have to plan it out I guess. My bad for the paragraph but I felt like I had to let you know what you did. I might just make another account and start a result to find you again haha. Well that’s what I felt like saying. Thanks”

Here To Help

This is a wonderful example of how I am able to convey how much I truly care and am here for you through online therapy, even when that is in the form of messages between myself and a client. We aren’t in the same room, but we will still be able to get to know each other through our communications.

I stand behind the fact that online therapy from an experienced mental health therapist can be every bit as helpful as psychotherapy, and in some cases, it is a better option for certain people. From the feedback that I receive from the clients I have worked with, others believe this too. I was extremely touched by the message above, and it speaks positively toward the benefits of online counseling. If you would like to give it a try, please reach out to me. I am here to help.  

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