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The Ruthology Approach

The Ruthology Approach…seven truths on how to step in to being fully you & living a prosperous life! Get clear on who you really are and what it is you want.

Here’s how it works: I will work with you and guide you through every step and teach you how to turn the approaches into habits. Once you learn how to apply these processes into everything you do, think and are…your life will never be the same. 

Imagine a life where your relationships are healthy, your mindset is prosperous, confidence sky-high, decision making and reactions to people and situations under control without the emotional heaviness AND waking up every single day with a purpose. 

The Steps:

1) Learn how to transform negatives into positives

2) Really grasping your differences/quirks and shine the light on these as the strengths that they are

3) Get into the habit of turning your pain into your power

4) Find you and be true to yourself

5) Listen to the whispers of your soul and trust your gut

6) Do it your way, regardless of family/friend, societal disapproval

7) Accept your emotions and journey 

The Ruthology Approach comes from my own journey in which I purposefully redefined “Ruthless”: It is my process of owning who I am without worrying about who others want me to be. It’s about embracing my quirks rather than trying to change them. It’s the process I used to eliminate any and all toxins from my life, including people! It’s my way of being completely true to myself….ruthlessly! So this negatively charged word now has a positive space, and this is my mission in life. To help people transform their perceived negatives into their biggest strengths. 

Join my Ruthology program and apply it in your life, on your own journey!

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