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Are you a Therapist, Psychologist or a Life Coach?
Counselor or Social Worker?

Are you struggling to grow  your Practice?

Do you feel disconnected from some of your clients?

Do you feel like your bosses & insurance companies dictate the way you run your practice?

Are you tired of useless hours of paperwork?

Do you wish you could do things YOUR way?

If you are you looking for a more connected way to work with your clients & measure results...keep reading!

Check out my course and Become Certified in The Ruthology Method!

It will do wonders for you, your clients & your practice!

Grow Your Therapy Practice Using The Ruthology Method​!

Join my 6 Week LIVE Program, Here's how it works:

Module 1 (week 1): 

Get to Know Your Client

In this module, you will learn how to create a safe space where your client is in charge. We’re taught to do this according to insurance/school/external guidelines, which isn’t always best for the client;

The Ruthology Method in this module will focus on doing it your unique way, with a client and heart centered approach. 

Module 2 (week 2):

Discover Your Therapist Superpower(s)

This module will continue teachings from the first module keeping each individual client in mind. I will show you how to change your methods and utilize your superpower(s) based on each client.  We will identify what specific strengths and skills you have to add value to individual treatment plans. Let’s also identify how to use/implement into everything that you do as a therapist. 

Module 3 (week 3):

Removing Limiting Beliefs​

This is one of my favorite modules. This alone will shift your mindset and career as a therapist. First, we will discover and explore what your limiting beliefs are. Then we will dive deep into taking a look at what your practice looks like without these beliefs. Let’s create your ideal practice that attracts your ideal client, always. 

Module 4 (week 4):  

Combine Your superpower(s) with Client Plan 

In week four we will create simple, measurable goals and objectives (that client agrees with) to include a timeframe. This system will be evergreen and always available for you to refer to and guide your practice as well as your client’s journey with you. 

Module 5 (week 5-6): 

Catapult & Leverage Your Practice 

In the last 2 weeks, I will bring on a special guest, Starr Hall, an internationally known Publicist and Brand Builder. She has helped hundreds of Therapists and Psychologists grow their brands and practice. I’ve worked very closely with her to incorporate my Ruthology Methods and together we have created a marketing, growth and leverage system that will help catapult your therapy practice. You will be able to learn proven techniques on storytelling your brand, getting media and influential bloggers talking about you, who you do and what you stand for. We will be including how-to approaches, templates and scripts that you can easily follow and utilize as you expand your brand on a local or national level. You do NOT want to miss out on this.

Welcome to my


In between each module, I will offer you private and group coaching, text support and access to all of my techniques. There is no other course out there that includes both the mindset, organization and growth techniques that I will be teaching. I promise you, it doesn’t exists, believe me I have searched for years. You are no longer alone in building your self and practice as a therapist. Let me help show you the way.

Join my Ruthology program and apply it to your practice, your own life and on your own journey!

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