Coaching programs

Welcome to your healing portal! I offer personalized coaching programs & e-therapy sessions. Here's how it works:

Coaching Programs:

I’m here to help you and your family.
I’m a Transformational Psychologist & Coach, I help people by guiding them to live their best life – as their true self.  I have developed the Ruthology Method that includes unique tools, methods and heart-centered teachings, not only based on my education but from my own life experiences. I have been there, in rough, puzzling places, many times and come out on the other side. If other methods or professionals didn’t work for you, let’s chat and see how we can pick up your pieces and get you unpuzzled.

A brief about me: after practicing in Michigan for nearly 17 years, I moved to Colorado to marry my soulmate. I left my in-demand client practice and followed my intuition to created an online healing portal. My mission is to change the way you and the world view mental health and how we heal from traumas, depression, anger, addiction and many more of life’s ups and downs. In pursuit of this mission, I continue impacting lives through my books, keynote speeches, live events, online healing portal and coaching programs. 

We can work together short-term or long-term, whichever you are more comfortable with. Here are my recommendations: Please NOTE: I only have limited openings available. 

Getting to Know YOU- 90 day Commitment Program: 
– Personal Assessment 
– (6) 55 minute calls
– Email support 
– Private VIP Group Access
Digging Deeper Intensive Program- 6 Month Program:
– Individual Values Assessment 
– (12) 55 minute calls 
– Email Support 
– Private VIP Group Access (BONUS SESSION)
– RIM session (BONUS CALL)
I’m ALL in! Transformative Therapy, Goal Planning & Accountability- One-Year Program:
Includes ALL of the above PLUS an additional 12 calls, VIP access to Retreats, bonus book & Individual values assessment at beginning & end of our time together. 


“I hated therapy until I met Samantha online. Now I look forward to it, thank you for being so awesome”

– Sally T.

“Why do I love online therapy with Samantha Ruth? Because I can talk to her way more than once a week if needed and because I can say anything without feeling judged. Also, because I can wear my Pjs to my appointments.” 

– Jennifer G. 

“You know how you can go to the Drs and you have to remind them of your stuff? It’s not like that with Sam. She really cares and she listens. She remembers the details. I know she is my therapist, but she doesn’t make me feel like a patient. Ever.”

– Rob H.