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Because No One Should Struggle Alone!

It’s impossible…. But it’s less impossible with others who get it!

Healing Together Through the Holidays is a 7 day Live Event (streaming
worldwide!) featuring six speakers each day, as well as a community of
others who understand. Without words!

Walk away with every tool, resource and a community of lifetime support!

Because Grief Doesn’t Discriminate.

It looks different for each and every one of us. And it will impact every
single one of us! More than once! 

Because Grief Never Ends!

Did you know that almost 60% of Americans are grieving the loss of someone
close to them… in the past three years. I lost my husband over six years
ago and I’m still grieving. I’ll forever be grieving.

Because Grief is Invisible!

The world doesn’t discuss grief.
Calendars don’t acknowledge National Grief Awareness Day or National Grief Awareness Week.
Holidays are surrounded by bright lights and festivities, yet millions of people struggle through complicated emotions with little or no support.

In Honor of National Grief Awareness Week

HealingTogether Through the Holidays!

Griefhab™ Presents the 2nd annual

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journal writing

healers on site!

play stations

walk around to experience reiki


all types of healing

All types of loss will be covered plus:

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Plus 6 amazing other speakers each day covering all types of loss and healing that you do NOT want to miss!

We have a major Keynote Speaker

Metro Detroit Area + Virtually

Join us December 2nd-8th

event details

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And if you struggle - it’s ok. I still do, too.
We’ll get through it together!

I’ll be doing plenty of workshops leading up to the event -
and you’ll be able to attend LIVE, in the Detroit area, or virtually - from anywhere.

And it’s FREE!!


Grief doesn’t have to be 

get the exclusive

With artwork designed by children impacted by loss.

2025 Griefhab™ Awareness Calendar

Faces of Grief, a collection of real stories from real people dealing with all different types of loss will be available during the event.

meet the authors!

Faces of Grief

the official launch of

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This year’s live event will be held in the
Metro Detroit Area, on a College Campusopen to faculty and students.

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the planning has already started and this year is going to be EPIC!

Healing Together Through the Holidays might be almost 8 months away but


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I’ll be introducing the authors in Faces of Grief on social media, so
follow me to enjoy the full  journey.

Plus...The Road to Healing Together Through the Holidays Starts now! 

You don't have to wait until then to connect with me & get support.

but wait!


Healing Together Through the Holidays


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Samantha Ruth shines a Spotlight on grief and Mental Health During National Grief Awareness Week

Samantha Ruth shines a Spotlight on grief and Mental Health During National Grief Awareness Week

the press

Thank you for recognizing the need to have an in person and a virtual event. I planned to come in person, but grief happened like it usually does.

Except, most times that means I miss out on life. In this case, I didn't have to and I found so many ways to get through that period that I never would have come up with without this event. I'm so glad I found you, your community, and all the others you had speak.

I never would have found them and now I have my own little Rolodex.

Samantha created Griefhab™ to show the world how grief needs to be addressed. What it needs to look like and feel to take care of people experiencing deep emotional pain, trauma and distress due to loss. She lost her beloved 6 years ago. She didn't get the care she needed. She is tired of waiting. She is tired of wondering if anyone is listening.

Because of her trailblazer spirit and purpose-driven mission, the world now knows National Grief Awareness Week is from December 2-8th!

She created Griefhab™'s First Annual Healing Together Through the Holidays Summit! It was a 7-day event streaming worldwide featuring an abundant amount of speakers each day! The speakers offered tools and resources to help the healing process while staying true to the individual's unique needs, path and way.

Samantha created Griefhab™ to be a community of lifetime support!
All to support the beautiful people and precious souls in need of healing from grief.


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