Permission Granted - Autographed…


Permission Granted – Autographed Copy


Permission Granted is a collection of stories about what happens when women show up and give themselves permission. My chapter is Permission to Grieve…because in our fast paced world of drive through and googling, the world expected me to get back to work among many other things. This is my story of giving myself permission to grieve. My Way.

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Meet Samantha Ruth

I thought I knew what grief was. After all, I’m a Psychologist who is trained to deal with such traumas. None of that mattered when I lost my husband, best friend, and soulmate, Jim, on a typical Wednesday. In the blink of an eye. My world exploded in that blink, and I’ve been picking up the shattered pieces ever since.

Grief is lonely. Suffocating. It knocks you to your knees and consumes your entire world. And the journey through it is different for everyone.

I learned this the hard way, after months of trying to grieve the way others expected me to. After months of torturing myself, honestly. Until I literally couldn’t stand it anymore. I hurt so much that I stopped listening to everyone except myself.

That’s when my healing journey began. This is my story of grieving MY WAY. I hope it helps you learn to listen to yourself, to live life YOUR WAY, and to find hope that whatever you’re currently facing, you will get through it.


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