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Women Who Illuminate – Autographed Copy


This is a collection of thirty women and their stories of illuminating their light with the world. My chapter is called Infinite Love. It’s the first time I share any of my writing with the world, in my very personal story of finding love, losing love, and finding it again only to have it taken away forever as I stumble in the dark and somehow find the light.

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Women Who Illuminate is a collection of 30 illuminating stories to inspire your soul’s journey. In this special edition cover we dive deeper into the story from co-author, Samantha Ruth.

About Samantha Ruth

What you think of me is none of my business. I’ve spent my life in a mental tug of war about this. I don’t care what you think about my style. Or my personality. But I’ve always cared what my parents, mentors, and teachers think. It took my world shattering for me to realize that I’ve been distracted by this outside noise my entire life.

I had to make the conscious decision to tune it all out. To listen to my voice only. To pick up the pieces and find a way to put them together. And that’s when things began to change. I realized that so many of us live life the way we think we’re supposed to. The way others expect us to. Confining ourselves to their visions, rather than living our own.

This is my story of self discovery, pain, loss, healing, persistence, and ultimately of learning to accept and embrace my TRUE self. I hope it helps you see your quirks as your strengths, and gives you the inspiration to turn your pain into your power.


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