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Women Who Illuminate & Permission Granted – Autographed Copies


Get both books for a discounted price. Women Who Illuminate & Permission Granted. Get to know me and my stories of love and loss. Learn how I fought my way back from losing my husband suddenly and my struggles with anxiety to becoming who I am today, where I am at, living the life I live. A life of strength and empowerment from turning my pain into power. There are over a dozen other amazing stories in these books to help you with personal growth, change and all around personal and professional growth.

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These two books combined will shift you, move you and guide you.

Permission Granted & Women Who Illuminate

Permission Granted is filled with over 20 personal stories and journeys that will have you walking away feeling inspired and completely shifted on your own self healing and personal growth path. There is no better way to get inspired and back into life than giving yourself permission to just be you, live you and share your own journeys with an open heart.

Women Who Illuminate is a culmination of 30 authors and their heart felt stories, lessons and brilliance. The foreword is written by Dr. Angela Sadler Williamson, introduction by Best Selling Author Kate Butler. Chapters include The Dark Side of Ambition by Gina Fresquez, Unleashing the Underdog by Lisa Pezik, Infinite Love by Samantha Ruth and many more. Learn how to step into your light and brilliance, join their journeys and create your own by Always Going with The Flow, Shining a Different Light and Love. Live. Repeat. The book also includes a journey of sobriety from Tina Raffa and exploring an Unexpected Opportunity from Sondra Wyckoff.

Life is a constant moving ship that is swaying in and out of storms, overwhelming humans with constant clouds overhead and unexpected twists and turns. These books will serve as a reminder that no matter what, the sun and blue skies are still above those clouds, shining bright and illuminating hope, direction, purpose and self love all while giving you full permission to live life your way.

Buy these books for yourself, pick up a few copies for friends and family. It is one of the greatest gifts you will ever give yourself or anyone that you care about, love and support.


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