Thank you for showing up here today.

Hey, I'm Sam.

...with titles such as Transformational Psychologist, Speaker, and Best Selling Author but my world shattered into millions of pieces when I unexpectedly lost my husband. Instead of giving up, I turned my pain into my power and I help others to do the same by guiding them to be their true selves not who they think they need to be, by embracing their differences, and by living life on their own terms.

I spent my life building a resume to impress...

my story

favorite TV show


favorite music

Grateful Dead & Led Zeppelin

favorite song

Peacefrog by The Doors

morning routine

A power hour with gratitude, meditation, journaling, some sort of uplifting podcast or reading (and of course snuggling, feeding, and playing with the pups!)

EXERCISE routine

Before back surgery I was a Pilates addict. Now I take full advantage of living in Colorado and doing as much outdoors as I can!

My Timeline

how i got here

Started babysitting when I was 12 or 13 - the minute I was old enough!

Became a camp counselor, which I'd still do today if I could!

Working at both preschools and locked male teen correctional facilities in college

Interning at a teen runaway shelter in graduate school. 

This is also when I met Jim. And my world changed forever. 

When we broke up, neither one of us could stay where we were. 

My first day at Livonia Schools was September 11, 2001. I created a landmark Adolescent Program & later served on the Livonia Youth Task Force.

As I branched out to form my own practice in 2013, my partner insisted I start having an online presence. I started a LinkedIn & Jim found me within a week.

We were engaged a few short months after that, and I moved to Colorado at the end of January 2014. 

What makes you different makes you beautiful