It’s Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week. This issue happens more often than most people realize – which is why bringing awareness to it is so important. Let’s talk about what sexual violence is, who is at risk, and what we can do to prevent it. Content Warning: This blog discusses various forms of […]

Awareness, Domestic Violence

February 8, 2024

Shining a Light on Sexual Violence

How do you define happiness? What does joy mean in your life? Today, in honor of Hunt for Happiness Week, let’s talk about finding personal happiness in our everyday lives. Not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow happiness. The real life, in the middle of real ups and downs, happiness.  Do […]

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January 25, 2024

5 Simple Ways to Find Happiness in Everyday Life

Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. How much do you really understand about this worldwide issue? Let’s talk about it. Human trafficking isn’t a simple issue. The portrayals of trafficking shown in movies and on TV usually aren’t realistic or accurate. So what does human trafficking actually look like? And what can we do […]

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January 11, 2024

Uncovering the True Nature of Human Trafficking in the US and Beyond

Happy Holidays!  I hope that all of you have had a happy holiday season – whatever that looks like for you. Today marks 6 years without Jim. As you can imagine, the holidays have been more than difficult ever since his loss. It’s a time filled with great pain but also reflection. I believe in […]

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December 27, 2023

6 Years, 6 Reflections: Memories and Life Lessons on the 6th Anniversary of Jim’s Passing

December is Seasonal Depression Awareness Month, and it couldn’t be more timely. Between the shortened daylight and the holidays, this time of year can trigger increased depression. So let’s talk about it. This season is especially tough for so many of us. Even if we love the celebrations, the holidays are still stressful. We’re dealing […]

Depression, Mental Health, Mental Illness

December 14, 2023

Bringing Awareness to Seasonal Depression

It’s International Day for Tolerance, so today I want to talk about tolerance from the perspective of a mental health advocate.  If you spend even a small amount of time interacting with others, you’re bound to find differences. From race and gender to political beliefs and worldviews, diversity is all around us. And as the […]

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November 16, 2023

Practicing Tolerance: It’s Good for Your Mental Health!

We’re heading into the Halloween weekend, and as I look at everyone’s costumes on social media I can’t help but think about masks. I’m not talking about actual masks, of course. I’m talking about the masks that people put on in everyday life – the ones that hide their true personalities, identities, and intentions. I’ve […]

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October 26, 2023

Stop Putting On Masks and Live Authentically!

Now that the chaos of the first – ever Ruthless in the Rockies retreat is over, I’m reflecting on everything that happened – all the good and the not so good. And there is so much to share with you!  But the thing that’s been on my mind the most is the topic of ‘detoxing.’ […]

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October 12, 2023

It’s Time to Detox: Eliminate the Toxins In Your Life (Including People)

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week. This year’s campaign theme is ‘Talk Away the Dark.’ So let’s start a conversation about what we can all do to prevent suicide! Most of us have been touched by suicide in some way. After all, it’s the 11th most common cause of death in the US today, […]

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September 14, 2023

Suicide Prevention: We Can All Be a Part of the Change!

White words on a blue background: "National Suicide Prevention Week - September 10-16, 2023"

Today is National Overdose Awareness Day. Substance abuse is closely tied to mental health, and by breaking the stigmas around both of these issues, we can begin to raise awareness about overdose deaths. So let’s talk about it. The most recent statistics from the CDC report that in 2021, almost 107,000 people in the US […]

Addiction, Grieving, Mental Health

August 31, 2023

Mental Health and Overdose Awareness

My 9 – year anniversary was yesterday, which is always a tough time for me. But in the midst of the complicated emotions, I’m so grateful for the close friendships that are getting me through it all. I want to discuss the important role that friendships play in your overall mental health. From toxic friendships […]

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August 17, 2023

Friendship After Loss

women hugging as they celebrate friendship

Let me start off by saying what I’ve said before: there are not enough grief support services available in this world. The support that is available is the responsibility of those grieving to find. It’s absurd! That’s why I created Griefhab – so that people can get the support they need AT the time of […]


July 20, 2023

How Can We Create Better Support Options for Grieving Widows?