Simple Ways to Change Your Life for the Better and Be Successful. We’d all like to be more successful in one or more aspects of our life. Maybe you’d like a more rewarding career, a more connected and passionate romantic relationship, to own your dream home, or to make a greater positive impact in the world.

Whatever your definition of success, it can be yours with the right guidance. Every successful person has one thing in common—they didn’t figure it out on their own. They followed the lead of coaches, mentors, and other successful people and then applied what they learned to their life.

The authors of Life Lessons in Success are no different.

Women Who Illuminate is a collection of 30 Illuminating  stories to inspire your soul's journey. In this special edition cover we dive deeper into the story from co-author Samantha Ruth. 

"This is my story of self discovery, pain, loss, healing, persistence, and ultimately of learning to accept and embrace my TRUE self. I hope it helps you to see your quirks as your strengths, give you the inspiration  to turn your pain into your power."

I’m very excited to announce the launch of my collaborative book- Permission Granted. In this book, there are 20 Empowering Stories of how life changes when you give yourself permission to show up fully.

I wrote a chapter on GRIEF. I share my experiences, Samisms and more. 

Through the 20 powerful stories in this book you will discover how life changes when you give yourself permission to stand up, show up and be seen.

The world doesn’t understand Mental Illness. The world doesn’t even talk enough about Mental Illness…. The world is about to change! These 20 brave souls share their raw, real stories bringing you through the journey from stigma to health. Together, they are taking the first step in a movement to increase awareness, educate people, provide support, encourage compassion and understanding, give hope and love for those who struggle with a mental illness and by doing so, truly STOP the stigma surrounding mental illness, because mental illness is not always what you think. Through our stories, you will be inspired, educated, transformed and we trust you will be also moved to join our fight to stop the stigma on an illness that is real, invisible and highly misunderstood and stigmatized. Join us in our movement to break the silence and together impact lives, bring hope and change the way the world sees mental illness.

Permission Granted 

Life Lessons In Success

Women Who Illuminate

Faces Of Mental Illness


A collection of twenty women sharing inspirational stories about creating a legacy with this one life we have been given! Through these stories you will feel uplifted, inspired and empowered. We all have an opportunity to leave our mark on the world, this book will walk you through unique and profound stories of leaving a legacy for generations to come. This book is part of the Inspired Impact Book Series which hosts nine other titles such as Women Who Dream, Women Who Shine, Women Who Empower and more!

This is YOUR life. Are you living it your way or are you getting distracted by all of the noise?
It took me losing my husband for me to reevaluate everything. Myself. My future. My friends. My everything. It took being in such deep pain for me to not only find the answers - but to actually stop and ask myself the questions.
Why am I doing this? Am I doing this for me or because others want me to? Do I even know what I want?
I became absolutely Ruthless - about healing. About living my life my way. About being my true self - not who anyone else expects me to be.
About doing things I enjoy. Being with people I enjoy.
About NOT doing things or being with people I don't enjoy.
Up until that point - we'll call it Life Before Ruthless -life wasn't about any of these things - not even a little.
For the first time in my life, I was taking care of me - without worrying about what my family or friends or colleagues thought and expected.
And guess what?I
wish I'd done it sooner. I realized that Life Before Ruthless isn't really living. I figured out things that no one ever taught me. The lessons that are more important than anything we can ever learn in books or classrooms.
"Life Before Ruthless" is my opportunity to share these lessons with you...

Leading with Legacy

Dear Younger Self: Life before Ruthless

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