Women Who Illuminate is a collection of 30 Illuminating  stories to inspire your soul's journey. In this special edition cover we dive deeper into the story from co-author Samantha Ruth. 

"This is my story of self discovery, pain, loss, healing, persistence, and ultimately of learning to accept and embrace my TRUE self. I hope it helps you to see your quirks as your strengths, give you the inspiration  to turn your pain into your power."

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I’m very excited to announce the launch of my collaborative book- Permission Granted. In this book, there are 20 Empowering Stories of how life changes when you give yourself permission to show up fully.

I wrote a chapter on GRIEF. I share my experiences, Samisms and more. 

Through the 20 powerful stories in this book you will discover how life changes when you give yourself permission to stand up, show up and be seen.

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Simple Ways to Change Your Life for the Better and Be Successful. We’d all like to be more successful in one or more aspects of our life. Maybe you’d like a more rewarding career, a more connected and passionate romantic relationship, to own your dream home, or to make a greater positive impact in the world.

Whatever your definition of success, it can be yours with the right guidance. Every successful person has one thing in common—they didn’t figure it out on their own. They followed the lead of coaches, mentors, and other successful people and then applied what they learned to their life.

The authors of Life Lessons in Success are no different.

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Permission Granted: 
Discover How Life Changes When You Give Yourself Permission.

Life Lessons In Success: 
Wisdom To Win The Game Of Life.

Women Who Illuminate:
30 International Best Selling Authors including Samantha Ruth

Faces Of Mental Illness:
20 Stories Bringing You Through Your Journey From Stigma To Health.