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Samantha Ruth, Psychologist, Transformational Speaker & Coach
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I’m Samantha Ruth, Transformational Psychologist. I have recently transitioned my practice to online coaching services because I recognize that life happens, and making face-to-face appointments can be difficult to keep. By meeting online, I can meet with you anytime and anywhere.

I have twenty years of experience working in several different therapeutic settings, including academic, residential, and clinical. I love working with people of all ages, but I especially enjoy working with children, teens, and young adults.

The Ruthology Method is defined as, “The inspirational art of never giving up, of celebrating our quirks as our strengths, and turning our pain into our power.”

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Get To Know Samantha

Jim Ruth

I met Jim 20 years ago. Our love was instant and everlasting. We were young, though, and after a couple of years we went our separate ways.

Neither one of us really got over the loss of the other, and in 2013 we reconnected to continue our story. Again, our love was instant. We never gave up! I moved to Colorado to be with Jim and begin our life.

Professionally, this was a big struggle. I was still in contact with my clients from Michigan. I wasn’t happy with the change in the mental health system. And my husband encouraged me to live my dreams. My business was born, based on our story and my awareness of the benefits of online coaching and advocacy. My clients were living proof!!

I didn’t know that I soon would be, too. On 12/27/2017, Jim collapsed at work and passed away. All I wanted to do was give up. But I could hear Jim telling me to live our dreams. I started to realize that my pain can help me to help others.

My Specialties

“The darkest night is often the bridge to the brightest tomorrow. ”

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“I hated therapy until I “met” Samantha Online. Now I look forward to it. Thank you for being so awesome!”


“Why do I love online therapy? Because I can talk to my therapist way more than once a week. Because I can say anything without feeling judged. Because I can wear My pjs to my appointment!!”


Ya know how you can go to the dr and you have to remind them of your stuff? It’s not like that with Sam. She really cares! She listens. She remembers the details. I know she’s my therapist, but she doesn’t make me feel like a patient. Ever.