July 12th @ 6 PM MST (5 pm PST, 7 PM CST, 8 PM EST)

I wouldn’t be here to write this without Sam. She’ll deny it and say that all she did was believe in me... like that’s a tiny thing. She doesn’t even understand how life changing it was for me to have someone who believes in me. 

From the minute we connected, I stopped feeling alone. I knew I had someone in my corner. Always. 


I’m not sure I can put into words how much Sam has changed my life. I’ve had counselors before, but it always felt like they had their own agendas. Sam isn’t like that. She cares about MY goals and MY needs. The fact that I can text and email between appointments is also huge. Other counselors seem bothered when I need extra support. Sam never makes me feel that way. She just says “it’s what I’m here for.” And she is.... always here for me. No one else has ever been here for me unconditionally. It’s the biggest gift in the world.