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I'm so glad that you are here.

I started Griefhab for individuals and families to have a complete support system during one of the most difficult times that life can bring. I, too, have suffered through grief, I lost my husband and soul mate in 2017, unexpectedly. 

I have built this program around my own lessons, finding out and discovering what worked for me and what did not. 

When you join my Griefhab, you will have complete and full access to me and my support, my tools 24/7. I will be available to you for phone calls, text support and eventually when travel restrictions are lifted, I can come to you. I’ll also assist with getting death certificates, transferring joint accounts to new single accounts, get your basic needs met so you don’t have to think about what or when to eat, cleaning, or other ordinary tasks. 

Grief can be the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, your home, a pet…no matter what your loss is, I am here for you, always. 

Let’s talk. 

– Sam

When you don’t want to “burden” family and friends, when you feel like no one else gets it,

Others might try to understand but the only people who truly do are those who have been through it.

I’ll connect you with any and everyone you need from an Accountant who specializes with widows to Estate Attorneys who won’t break the bank!

It’s impossible to know who to trust in these situations, and you’re already overwhelmed enough! Let me take as much off of your plate as possible!

– Sam Ruth

Option One:

I need some basic support!

Maybe you are feeling pretty stable but periodically need support or a once a week check in? This level includes individual sessions with text support. This is a great way to commit to support from me, someone that has gone through what you are going through. Let’s get started at this level and expand as needed. 


Option TWO:

I need to know you are there!

Weekly check-ins with text support in-between. Any additional calls needed, even if they are a quick 15 minutes to get grounded again or feel heard, maybe even get help filling out a form or dealing with the weight that comes with grieving. I’m here for you. Weekly individual sessions with text support AND calls in between as needed. 


Option Three:

I'm a mess, I need full-time Sam support!

Think of this as somewhat of an inpatient program. You will receive ALL ACCESS, 24/7 support from me. 2am? no problem, call me! You do not have to grieve and go through this alone. I will even travel to you as needed or you can come to me. We will find a way to do this even in a pandemic. I’m here for you, I’ve been there. Let me help! 


Permission Granted:

Discover How Life Changes When
You Give Yourself Permission

I have a chapter in this book focus on grieving. When you join my Griefhab, I will send you a copy of this book for FREE. 

OR, you can: