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Tiny Buddha Article: How to Best Comfort Someone Who’s Grieving

I wrote this piece recently and it was picked up and published on TinyBuddha.com – I LOVE their site, I am honored to be included. To read my tips and approaches on what to do or how to best comfort someone when they are grieving check out the full article HERE

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-Sam Ruth

Sorry for Your Loss … Let’s Get Back to Work’: On the Nature of Grief

It has always bothered me that people start discussing what’s for dinner after a funeral service ends. I could never understand how quickly people can move from something horrible to something ordinary. Sure, part of my distaste stems from having experienced a horrific loss myself. I lost my husband, Jim, after less than four years of marriage because of a heart condition he never knew existed. He went to work and collapsed during his lunch hour. His death destroyed my world and the last thing I wanted to do after the funeral was enjoy a meal with others…

Part 1: CUTV News Radio to Highlight Samantha M. Ruth of Never Give Up

DENVER, CO -- Samantha M. Ruth is a psychotherapist. Today she runs a counseling business; a business based from her own life transitions and is named Never Give Up. Never Give Up has also been Samantha’s personal mantra as she struggled to start her career over when she moved to Denver, CO for love, with health issues, and then again when she lost her husband in 2017. Having lived through some of what her clients go through might be the reason Samantha connects so well with them—whether they are speaking via texts and emails, on Skype, or sometimes, in person. Samantha says that when she first came to Colorado with her Michigan therapy license it was hard to carve out a niche. Several of the Midwest based clients who relied on her support kept calling and emailing. Her career as an e-therapist was born. Early in her career Samantha worked with teens and their families in a residential setting. As a therapist, she helped clients cope with anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders and more, taking a holistic route whenever possible. She has also handled relationship issues. Samantha feels having extra support for a transition can lead to a healthier relationship or outcome. Samantha married “the man that got away”. Through social media they found each other again in 2013, married. Sadly, Samantha’s husband passed away in 2017. Samantha fought back from grief and loss, just as she had fought illness and for her career. She keeps moving on and recently was hand-selected to train with Jack Canfield and learn the Success Principles methodology. She looks forward to attaining her certification. The main idea for clients is to know that you are worth it, and to never give up!