2 Important Life Lessons From The Chinese Bamboo

2 Important Life Lessons From The Chinese Bamboo

“Good things come to those who wait.”
“Nothing good comes easy.”
“Be patient – it’ll be worth the wait.”

These words of wisdom have guided us for years. We grow up hearing phrases such as these that remind us to be patient and not to “rush the process,” but in today’s fast-paced digital world, it can be hard to implement this wisdom into our daily lives. We live in a culture primarily dominated by instant gratification, and many of us are so accustomed to instant rewards that we forget how to be patient.

In spite of these cultural norms, however, these words of wisdom continue to stand the test of time. There’s a reason for this – no matter how fast-paced our world becomes, the best things in life will always take time.

The Chinese Bamboo Tree – A Lesson In Patience

In China, there grows a tree called the Chinese Bamboo. This tree is remarkably different than other trees for one primary reason: whereas other trees typically sprout within a few weeks, the Chinese Bamboo does not break the ground for the first four years.

That’s right – four years. When you plant a Chinese Bamboo, you will have to water and fertilize it every single day. The young plant requires constant nurturing, but you won’t be able to see any results from your efforts (or really receive any visual reassurance that your efforts are working) for four years. However, if you stick with it, the results are incredible – on the fifth year, the Chinese Bamboo will grow to a height of 80-90 feet in only six weeks!

Life Lessons From The Chinese Bamboo

If we look closely, we see that this humble tree has much to teach us. The Chinese Bamboo beautifully illustrates two important lessons I try to teach my clients in our online counseling sessions

1. A Strong Foundation Must Come Before Anything Else.

What is the Chinese Bamboo doing for the first four years of its life? It’s not lying there dormant – it’s working hard to grow a strong root system. No one can see the results of its efforts yet, but without this strong root system, it won’t be able to sustain the great heights it will reach in a few years. 

Life is the same way. Your career, your relationships, and all other important aspects of your life require a strong foundation in order to thrive. The foundation starts with YOU. Do you act with integrity? Are you honest? Are you willing to take personal responsibility for your actions and to improve yourself where possible? Are you willing to put in the time required to build a strong foundation?

2. Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight.

No matter how much we try to convince ourselves otherwise, there is no such thing as an overnight success. In truth, the people who are portrayed as “overnight successes” by the media have put in hours, days, weeks, months, and sometimes even years to get where they are today. The phrases I opened this blog with are true – all good things take time.

The time you dedicate to building your foundation will dictate how successful your ultimate achievements are – and how long those successes can last.

Let’s Learn To Be More Like The Chinese Bamboo!

The humble Chinese Bamboo has much to teach us if only we’re willing to listen to its wisdom. If you would like support on your journey, consider reaching out to an experienced online counselor. I have been providing online counseling in Michigan and the rest of the States for several years, and I would be honored to help support you on your path! For more information about my online counseling services, visit my website: www.NeverGiveUp.care


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