21 Positive Affirmations To Improve Mental Health

21 Positive Affirmations To Improve Mental Health

Affirmations are phrases that you repeat to yourself over and over. Though incredibly simple in nature, they are powerful tools for improving emotional wellness.

Our thoughts greatly influence our lives. The messages you send to yourself internally dictate how you think of yourself, your career, your social situation, and all other aspects of your life. By reciting positive affirmations on a daily basis, you can train yourself to think positively about each of these different aspects.

In my work as an online psychotherapist, I have witnessed first-hand the power of reciting positive affirmations. If you would like to try working with affirmations but don’t know where to start, use this list of my favorites as a resource. 

21 Positive Affirmations To Incorporate Into Your Life

  1. I have all the skills I need to overcome the obstacles in front of me.
  2. I am rested, calm, healthy, and happy.
  3. I am safe. I am protected. I am secure.
  4. A lucrative new opportunity is just around the corner.
  5. The perfect partner will come into my world sooner than expected.
  6. I have a wonderful support system of caring family and friends.
  7. I forgive those who have wronged me in the past. I replace my hurt and anger with love and compassion.
  8. I easily adjust to each new situation life presents.


  9. My relationship with my significant other grows stronger and deeper every single day.
  10. I find happiness even in everything – even small everyday tasks.
  11. I am brave. I have the courage to stand up for myself.
  12. I am conquering my illness. My illness grows weaker and I grow stronger every single day.
  13. I am worthwhile, needed, and valuable. I have something to offer to the world and those I interact with.
  14. I am designed to be strong and powerful. 
  15. I learn from my mistakes. I push through setbacks and come out stronger than I was before.
  16. Today, I will abandon unhelpful habits and adopt new, healthy ones.
  17. This, too, shall pass.
  18. I have a strong heart and a clear mind.
  19. I do not fear the future. My life is unfolding exactly as it is meant to.
  20. I am creative. I can come up with solutions to whatever challenges life presents.
  21. With every breath I take, I inhale confidence and exhale timidness. 
The Power Of Positive Affirmations
I encourage you to choose three to five of these affirmations and begin incorporating them into your daily life. Though you may not be able to embrace the truth of your chosen affirmations just yet, stick with it. Recite them out loud to yourself several times each day. You can also keep a sunshine diary and write your affirmations down every day. Eventually, you will train your mind to embrace the truth and to clue into your own personal power.

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