My New Life

My New Life

Random thoughts I wanted to share from my latest journey…moving into my new home and moving forward with my life.

When I was in Denver, I wanted to get out, desperately needed to get away from all of its chaos for at least a year and a half…

My dream was to be in the middle of nowhere, near water, and still 5 minutes away from everything I need.
Well, now it’s my reality.
It was NOT easy packing and moving out of my house that I share with my love…Jim. I hadn’t gone through any of his stuff, and probably still wouldn’t have without moving. I had to face it.
By moving out of this home, it’s not like I magically hurt any less. Or miss him any less. But I’m telling you the second I got here to my new space and place, I FELT the shift. Completely different energy.
My New Life!
New adventures
People instantly told me I seemed different. I feel lighter. Free.
Every day is a new adventure that I’m excited to be a part of, whether it’s finding a new bank or getting lost on a trail (for 2 hours).

My pain isn’t any less. But my hope is 1,000 times more.

I know many out there are going through what I am, I share to hopefully become a light for all that are on a grieving journey. This also helps me heal so thank you for listening/reading.

Samantha Ruth

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