How much do you really know about substance use? Today, for National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week, let’s learn about the topic together. Content Warning: This blog contains discussions of drug and alcohol use, overdose, overdose death, and other difficult mental health issues. If you find these topics uncomfortable or distressing, take the time to […]

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March 21, 2024

What You Don’t Know About Drug and Alcohol Use

June 26th was International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Since the month of June is also PTSD Awareness Month, let’s talk about PTSD and drug use.    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a life-altering diagnosis. You probably think of veterans when you hear the term. But PTSD is more common than you think, […]

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June 27, 2023

PTSD and Drug Use: Let’s Rethink Our Approach

Teenagers – preteens – substance abuse. It may be harder to spot than you think. With the challenges that teenage life presents, it’s not uncommon to know teens who are suffering from social anxiety or appear unhappy for what seems like the littlest things. What is important to consider is the access to and pressure […]

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September 23, 2016

Dangers of Substance Addictions in Teenagers and Pre-teens