When Should You Consider Therapy? 12 Situations

When many people think of therapy, they think of crazy people with severe mental instabilities or emotional imbalances. As a result, there is a social stigma surrounding mental health therapy all across the United States. I find this to be both incredibly unfortunate and drastically unnecessary, as the truth is that many “normal” and “sane” people can benefit greatly from therapy. This week, I wanted to take the opportunity to look at several common (yet unexpected) situations when someone may be able to benefit from online therapy.

1. Battling An Eating Disorder
Eating disorders result in physical illness and challenges, but a person with an eating disorder is truly battling a mental issue. There are numerous external circumstances that may contribute to an eating disorder, but the dangers from each are equally great. I can help you develop strategies to overcome the challenges you may be experiencing in both inpatient and outpatient care.

2. Planning A Wedding
Marriage is a beautiful gift, but it’s also a major life change that should not be undertaken lightly. If you are preparing to enter a marriage, I would love to meet with you and your fiancé to help you develop healthy relationship dynamics that will set you up for a long, happy, and successful marriage. We can also look at the importance of developing and maintaining positive relationships with yourselves and how that can impact your marriage.

3. Dealing With Anger Management Issues
Have you recently been having more difficulty controlling your anger? I can work with you to help you develop healthy methods of expressing anger and other heated emotions, including verbalizing your feelings in a calm, mature manner. We can also work together to identify positive activities that can serve as healthy outlets for your anger.

4. Losing A Loved One
The loss of someone close to you can cause unimaginable and incredibly debilitating grief – even suicidal urges. Having someone to help you process all of your emotions and work through the stages of grief with you can be enormously beneficial, even if you have never suffered from any mental illness or instability before.

5. Going Through A Divorce
No matter what the cause for your divorce, it will probably feel very sad and stressful. Your attorney will be hugely helpful throughout the process, but he/she is not able to provide any sort of emotional support. I can help you identify and develop strategies to ease the transition. Together, we can work to transform your divorce from a sad ending of a chapter to a promising opportunity for future growth.

6. Struggling With Poor Self Esteem
Self esteem is often directly correlated to success. Individuals with high esteem often have the confidence and the motivation to go out and achieve their goals, whereas people with low self esteem may struggle with this. I can work with you to help you identify the tools you need to overcome these challenges and develop a stronger self image.

7. Overcoming Addition
While individuals who are working to break free from alcohol addiction often experience significant physical withdrawal symptoms, the mental challenges can be just as intense. I can help you identify and develop positive supports to help you through the process, as well as healthy activities that can serve as a positive alternative to drinking.

8. Experiencing Mood Disturbances
Mood swings often feel uncontrollable and, as a result, incredibly unnerving, confusing, and overwhelming. If you find yourself suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue, mood swings, depression, bipolar disorder, or even the everyday common “blues,” don’t be afraid to seek help. You may be surprised what a difference therapy makes.

9. Working With Sexual Orientation Issues
In today’s confusing world, identifying your true sexual orientation can be a challenge. I work closely with many members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender) community to help them learn to express their true selves, regardless of the societal pressures they may be facing. If you are questioning or struggling to express your sexuality, I would be more than happy to talk with you.

10. Inflicting Self Harm
Even if they are not suicidal, many individuals resort to injuring themselves in an attempt to cope with the pain they are experiencing. I offer outpatient services for these individuals, working to develop healthy alternatives for coping with pain. I can also help brainstorm and identify other activities that may bring peace and joy to their lives. If you frequently experience the urge to harm yourself, don’t be afraid to reach out for the help you need.

11. Getting Poor Grades
Contrary to popular belief, poor grades is not necessarily an indication of an inability to comprehend the concept. If a child (or college student, for that matter) consistently struggles with poor grades, she may be in need of additional support. Her grades may be an outward representation of otherwise suppressed behavioral problems or attention seeking behavior, or she may be suffering from ADD/ADHD. I can help uncover the true issue and develop strategies to overcome it.

12. Blending Two Families
The decision to get remarried is often a complicated one, with many familial needs demanding attention. If you and/or your new spouse-to-be have children from previous relationships, the transition to a new family may be hard on everyone involved. I have a great deal of experiencing working with children and would be honored to help them (and you) through this transformative time.

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