Let’s Talk Truth…Emotional Toxicity

Let’s Talk Truth…Emotional Toxicity

Let’s talk truth.

What’s your definition of toxic? I initially think of chemicals. But there’s emotional toxicity, too.
We’ve all dealt with people who blame and deflect instead of just taking responsibility and apologizing. I have someone who makes this into an art form, to the point that I question myself.
Bottom line: I know better.
So I’m extremely thankful that the universe provided me with a lesson, and even more grateful that I was open to receive it.
Instead of questioning myself or getting sucked into the drama, I immediately recognized the unhealthy behavior and removed myself from the situation. This came with the typical repercussions and lash out that I’m used to, only this time it didn’t even phase me. I was pretty amused, actually, and highly aware of the progress I was making as I was making it!
And to take it one step further, I’m removing myself completely, from this moment forward. I deserve better. Period. Don’t get me wrong, I make my share of mistakes. However, unlike this person, I acknowledge, apologize, and learn from them. I don’t blame others and I certainly don’t lash out, name call, or attack. I’ve tolerated this for so long, because we’ve been friends for so long. But enough is enough.
So my note to self and my note to you: get rid of any and all toxins in your life! Especially the ones you’ve tolerated for too long!
It is time.

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